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Solar Panel Cleaning
Columbia, MO

Mister Green Power Clean is a top provider of solar panel cleaning services. With quality equipment and eco-friendly solutions, we make sure your solar panels are ready for optimal performance. Let’s face the facts: You invested in solar panels for a smarter, greener energy solution. You wanted energy that was cost-effective and long-lasting. We value those same qualities and want what’s best for our customers. We consistently provide personalized, eco-friendly cleaning services to the Columbia, MO, area.

When was the last time you looked over your solar power system? It’s easy for dirt and grime to build up on solar panels if left unchecked. This can hinder their performance, costing you money down the road. You can avoid this by having your solar panels cleaned properly, helping them to last a lifetime.

Have you thought about what it takes to maintain solar panels properly? Save yourself the stress and let the professionals get to work. Mister Green is a leading provider of cleaning services for your solar power system. We know the safest and most effective techniques to get your solar installers running at maximum efficiency. We are based in Columbia, MO, and proudly serve the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning

Optimal Performance

Not getting the full benefit of your solar power system due to dirt and grime buildup? Struggling with low power output and delayed charging? Don’t settle for less. Let Mister Green clear the residue from your solar panels for optimal performance. Call us today for your Missouri solar needs.

Avoid the Risk of Damage

The risks of build-up left untreated are damage to and decreased efficiency of your solar power system. When you hire our professional cleaning service, we ensure you’ll get the proper care to help your panels stay optimized for years to come.

Honest Evaluations and Expert Solutions

We’re in the business of putting our clients’ needs first. This means you’ll get an honest evaluation of what’s best for your solar panels, along with expert solutions to get the job done. Mister Green is known for going above and beyond in providing excellence to its community.

Why Choose Us?

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Expert Services and Quality Care

As a top-rated provider with quality you can depend on, we’ve got the experience, equipment, and expertise to guarantee your satisfaction. Mister Green is proud to continue serving the Columbia, MO, area.


We only use the safest chemicals to clean your solar panels. Mister Green Power Clean is committed to providing solutions that are the best for you and the environment. We have you covered for all of your solar panel cleaning needs. Call today at (573) 505-0555 for a consultation on the best cleaning practices for your solar panels.

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